Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Computer Crash

Just a short note to say, my main computer crashed due to the Windows operating system that seemed to having a corrupt file. I have it in the shop now to get it back up and running and will have to reload the Windows system which takes time. Right now, I'm depending on the laptop and really don't like these tiny keyboards and mouse pad as it's hard to type on something like this. Maybe in a week or so I can have the big computer back going.


Wild Bill said...

I still aint got my puter back up 100 percent yet either.. I dont thank its a matter of puttin it in the shop tho.. More like jackin it up and drivin a new one under it !!

Good luck on gettin back up-to-snuff again..

Almtnman said...

The more problems I have with Windows, the more I look at changing over to a Mac. Might just get a used Mac off ebay and have it built up with to what I want. Wouldn't have all the problems and worries with virus and other stuff out there.

Cheryl said...

Missed your posting. Hope you get everything in working order once again.

Anonymous said...

I need to get in contact with you regarding my account on your message board. I need my profile and posts made by me removed ASAP.

My username was: Missdeerhunter

THANK YOU and Please let me know as soon as you do. *I'll keep watching this forum*

Thanks Again!

Almtnman said...

missdeerhunter, I removed your account, but removing the messages will be a time consuming ordeal. It might take me weeks or months to go through all the messages looking for posts made by you. I'll see what I can do, but it won't be an easy task that can be one.

In the future you might want to consider that when you post articles or messages on a public message board or forum, whoever runs that forum or message board is not responsible for what you have posted. The administrators of those forums and message boards do it as a free service and spends hours upon hours just running the forum or message board, so when requests such as that is asked, we have to work that much harder for free.

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