Saturday, October 13, 2007

Excitement in my neck of the woods!

We went to the funeral home Wednesday night for a friend of ours that died Monday of a massive heart attack. On the way back home just as we crossed over an Interstate bridge, there was a roadblock set up and we were checked before passing through. There was about 12 to 15 sheriff deputies cars at that roadblock. The local TV station was just setting up their live broadcast van there also. The deputy that checked us told us that a prisoner had managed to escape from a U.S. Marshall on the Interstate and said that he was a bad dude. We drove on about a half mile until we got to the U.S. highway and there was another roadblock there, about 15 to 20 sheriff car, state troopers, federal marshall's and some local police. We were checked there again and had to open the trunk to make sure we didn't have any uninvited riders back there. We then headed north on that highway to the side road we take to go home and another roadblock was set up there also, about 10 to 12 sheriff cars, state troopers and local police. We had to be checked again and had to open the trunk there also to make sure no one was back there.

It was a very exciting night and I made sure that I listened to my dogs when they barked that night.

Anyway, the next morning I heard on the radio news that he had been caught about 1 am Thursday morning. It seems that he had escaped from prison back in September and had stolen two different cars around the area. A U.S. Marshall had spotted him driving north on the Interstate about 4:30PM Wednesday and tried to stop him and the escapee wrecked trying to get away. So, all is well now and the escapee is back in prison finishing out his life term. They sure need to make sure he doesn't get out again.

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