Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gun Free Zones Don't Work

Gun free zones simply don't work. They only let people that are not going to abide by the gun free zone know that people there are not carrying a gun, thus allowing it to be a place for them to do whatever they want when they want. If a gun free zone were to be a true gun free zone, then after it was declared to be one a fence should be built around the facility and everyone that entered would go through a metal detector to see if they were carrying a gun. Until that happens, it's only a statement that a facility, school or place of business makes that does not make it a safe place. it's only a place that gives the impression of being safe when in fact it a place that individual protection is a fallacy. Anytime you enter one of these gun free zones, you at at the mercy of anyone that wants to do bodily harm to anyone there.

  BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The tragic shooting
at Northern Illinois University late Thursday is another failure of the
"gun free zone" mentality that has created a false sense of security on
college campuses and other public venues across the country, the Citizens
Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

"Gun-free zones have given us nothing but body counts," said CCRKBA
Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb. "This giant loophole in public safety is
becoming a national disgrace and it is time to dramatically change our
perspective on self-defense in this country.

"This incident is particularly distressing because it happened in
Illinois, one of two remaining states in which anti-gun state lawmakers and
equally-anti-gun governors have repeatedly thwarted common sense efforts to
put law-abiding citizens on a level playing field with criminals and
crazies by adopting right-to-carry laws," Gottlieb stated. "Illinois and
Wisconsin lawmakers have chosen to leave their citizens at the mercy of

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