Monday, September 22, 2008

Why I Won't Vote for Obama

Here are my reasons that I won't vote for Barack Hussein Obama.

#1: He has a Muslim name and I associate people with Muslim names to be either a Muslim or associated with Muslims. I won't vote for a Muslim.

#2: He is a newcomer to the Senate only in his first term. That's not enough political experience to run this country.

#3: He is for abortion. I cannot and will not vote for anyone that thinks abortion is OK.

#4: He is a Democrat. I haven't voted for a Democrat in the last 30 years and don't plan on voting on one soon.

#5: He has a record of being an extreme left leaning liberal. I don't vote for liberals as my way of thinking is more conservative.

#6: He is for gun control. My pet peeve and has been for over 40 years is anyone that wants to violate our 2nd Amendment Rights and does not want to protect our Constitutional Rights. I will never vote for any gun control proponent that picks and chooses those rights to suit their thoughts and agendas for their way of grabbing votes from people that don't see those rights as they are written.

Here are some facts of Obama’s and his stance on gun control.
Obama 2nd Amendment voting record

#7: He said that he will raise taxes and enlarge government giveaway programs to deadbeats.

#8: He said that he will start new government programs (these will require even more taxes).

#9: His long association with violent terrorists and an anti-American pastor proves that he hates this country and our way of life.

#10: He came out of the corrupt Chicago political machine.

#11: His treatment of not visiting wounded military personnel in the hospital in Germany because they wouldn’t let him take cameras inside for photo-op sessions, which BTW proves his dislike for the military. He was only there for his benefit, not the wounded militaries benefit.

Here’s some more views from others on why they won’t vote for him.

· His support of live abortions being left to die on a pile of medical waste.

· the way he changes his views to sway the audience he is in front of.

· how he wants to end our 2nd Amendment rights.

· his raise the taxes plan.

· his needing to add regulations to everything which leads to the next point.

· expanding the government.

· his healthcare plans that would bankrupt the country.

· his views on crime and punishment.

· he questions harsh penalties for drug dealers.

· free college in exchange for community service - who will watch this - we would need a new wing of government to monitor this...

· his 'clean energy' bills.

· sex ed for kindergarteners.

· a biggie: his views on Iraq and how he behaved while in Iraq.

· his views on stopping conservative radio - so called fairness act.

· Social Security - he wants to end the cap on social security taxes - you wouldn't believe what this would do for social security.

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