Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now for the rest of the story

Could become very interesting. Were they invited is the question and is there a cover up for some reason?
Does anyone here look familiar??

I knew there was a "Paul Harvey" version to this story!!! (You know the line....and NOW the rest of the story)

See the white guy in the white suit?  Now see the blond with the white dress!  See the guy in the middle huuuummmm.
This picture was taken 6/9/05. It seems Obama has known these two phoneys for awhile, at least when he was a Senator. They're getting all this press now as "party crashers" and the secret service is taking heat.  Funny how this has not come out in the press isn't it!

No wonder the couple who crashed Obama's State dinner keep insisting they were invited guests.  They know Barry from way back when he was still an Illinois Senator.  Is Obama trying to throw the Secret Service under the bus?

Tareq and Michaele Salahi  snapped the pic above with Obama at a "Rock The Vote" event on June 9, 2005. 
Michaele Salahi is getting quite a ribbing in the press for lying about being a Redskins cheerleader, but Tareq is the more interesting of the two to me.

He has ties to Palestinian terrorists. Tareq is a board member of the ATFP- American Task Force on  Palestine , which has quickly scrubbed it's site of the fact.  Thank the Lord for Google cache.

And just who are the ATFP? The ATFP has ties to Chicago, ties to Muslim radicals, ties to Hamas, and ties to Saudi Wahhabists. It is arguably the American wing of Hamas. The group's co-founder is Rashid Khalidi, the guy purported to have helped finance Obama's Harvard education and who was also instrumental in getting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia University. During the Beruit war, Khalidi was a PLO spokesperson. After the war, he came back to teach at the University of Chicago . He is a virulent critic of Israel, and a strong supporter of Fatah terrorist Yassar Arafat. Obama has referred to Khalidi as someone who challenges his "own biases.."
Why do the same dubious tentacles seem to continually surround Obama?  The fact that the ATFP is scrubbing information on Salahi from their website suggests possible damage control coordination between the ATFP and the White House.  If the ATFP was acting independently, there would be no reason to scrub Salahi's name from their site.  It looks like Salahi was an invited guest to the dinner, that he was "outed" and the administration had to come up with a rational excuse for his presence.

The Secret Service has already apologized for the incident, but they may clear their names if the Salahis start singing. If someone with ties to the American wing of Hamas can get face to face with the President without the Secret Service realizing it that is a major security lapse.  However, if Obama's people knowingly allowed Salahi in and are now throwing the Secret Service under the bus to cover themselves, that would be a major  scandal.

Some in Congress are calling for an investigation 

Something is VERY fishy in the White House.

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