Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Facts don't lie...figure it out for yourself.

We've all heard the conspiracy theories.the second gunman in the grassy knoll, the 

"staged" moon landing, Bush bringing down the twin towers..
Most of these 

theories have no teeth, no factual evidence. They are theories of men with vivid 

imaginations which fall flat upon scrutiny.
What I'm about to tell you is NOT 

a conspiracy theory- it is a mere culmination of facts about the oil spill which 

point in a very suspicious direction. Glenn Beck laid out this evidence on his 

famous blackboard recently, backing it up with emails, data, and video clips. He 

encouraged his viewers to do their own homework and then spread the word, 

knowing that our mainstream media would not do their job and inform the 

I'm attempting to inform you now.
Just so you know, it's 

It all starts with a man named George Soros, a billionaire who 

was born in Hungary and immigrated to the United States in the 1950's. Soros 

made his fortune through investments and has used it to start and fund many 

leftist organizations including the Secretary of State Project, the Tides 

Foundation , Moveon.org, and the Center for American Progress. He spent $15.5 

Million of his own money to try to defeat Bush in 2004, and millions to get 

Obama elected in 2008.
He's a man of the Left -- the FAR Left.

admits in his autobiography that he was born into an anti-semetic, Jewish family 

and is now an atheist. Conservapedia reports that as a teenager, Soros "helped 

to cart off the stolen possessions of Hungarian Jewish men, women and children 

after they were rounded up and transported to death camps. He claims it never 

bothered him a bit, and still doesn't bother him today.
 Enough said 

about his character. 

In 2003, Soros developed the Center for American 

Progress (CAP) and hired John Podesta, a key player in the Clinton White House, 

to head it. You can understand how far-Left CAP is when you hear that radical 

Van Jones, the self-avowed communist resigned from his "Green Jobs Czar" 

position and was immediately hired to work under Podesta. The Center for 

American Progress has had a very cozy relationship with this Obama White House, 

in fact, Podesta was brought in after Obama's election in 2008 to help form 

Obama's cabinet and advisory team.

Many of the cabinet members and 

czars have Podesta to thank for their jobs.
This relationship is 

important because after the BP oil spill disaster, Podesta and CAP were suddenly 

VERY vocal about how the White House should handle the spill. Interestingly 

enough, the White House didn't only listen to Podesta's advice, they used it as 

a blueprint for their actions. Why would Podesta be interested in this 

particular crisis?
 Why would Soros care about an oil 


 Listen up. 

In August of 2009, Obama announced he was giving 

$2 billion in U.S. tax dollars to state-owned oil company Petrobras of Brazil 

for offshore oil drilling. At the same time, George Soros increased his 

stake $811 million in the same oil company. 
How coincidental.
Oh, and 

another coincidence: The chief lobbyist for BP Oil is a man named Tony 

Podesta- the brother of John. So we have John and Tony Podesta both 

working throughout this crisis to get their individual agendas through to Obama. 

Tony Podesta also lobbies for NBC (owned by GE)- a company that has everything 

to gain if Obama pushes through his Cap and Trade Bill.

Hey, wait a minute. 

When Obama was visiting the Gulf, he was pushing Cap and Trade as a solution to 

our new energy crisis.
Weird, huh?

There's more: Soros funds an activist 

organization called the Apollo Alliance, a group of radicals who were involved 

in writing the Stimulus Bill and the Cap and Trade Bill. 

That's not all. 

BP Oil was also at the table when Cap and Trade was being crafted and have 

been strongly in favor of this legislation.
 Why would an oil company WANT 

to tax energy and limit drilling? 
It seems as if GE, NBC, Soros, Petrobras, 

and BP, among others, would ALL benefit if Cap and Trade goes through. Obama 

received large contributions from each of these entities during the election- in 

fact, "Big Oil" contributed more to Obama's campaign than Bush's campaign in 

2004. Now Obama is using this crisis to push Cap and Trade- which would benefit 

these guys.

A few weeks after the spill, an independent panel 

of experts was brought in as consultants. These experts presented our government 

with a signed list of recommendations for handling the disaster. Obama's 

Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, reviewed the document and then added 

a couple of paragraphs of his own, misleading everyone to believe that 

the experts had agreed to his new ideas which included a moratorium on drilling 

in the Gulf.
The experts were furious at this deception and Salazar was 

forced to apologize. These experts were NOT in favor of the moratorium, in fact, 

they believed that it was MORE dangerous to stop the drilling than to 

continue it and also pointed out that the economy of the Gulf would suffer 

greatly if drilling ceased.
 Obama ignored their warning and ordered a ban 

on any American deep-water drilling over 500 ft. for at least 6 



The strange thing about the drilling moratorium is 

that it will not only put about 80,000 Americans out of work, but these 

floatable oil rigs will leave the coast and find work in other countries where 

drilling is acceptable- places like Brazil. The chance of these rigs 

coming back to the United States in 6 months if we lift the drilling ban is 

 Permanent job loss. Permanent economic damage to the Gulf.
 Some of 

these rigs will now go to drill for Petrobras in Brazil. Hey, didn't Obama just 

give $2 Billion to Brazil for deep-water drilling? And isn't Petrobras 

the company that George Soros just invested heavily in?
And while 

Obama is not allowing the United States to drill in water over 500 feet because 

it's "too dangerous", Petrobras, the company he's financing with OUR 

money, is beginning to drill in water at a depth of 14,022 feet. 

What the heck?
 How can it be safe to drill in Brazil in 14,000 feet 

when it's not safe to drill in America in 500 feet? It doesn't make sense, does 


And George Soros, the man who heavily funded Obama's campaign, is 

going to reap billions when this Brazilian drilling begins.

 Funny how 

a silly oil spill can benefit those close to Obama.
 OK, not so funny.

Soros can fund even more of his leftist organizations that push socialist 

policy in America.
Which, in turn, will help get more socialists into 

elected office in the United States.
 So he can rid our country of "evil 

capitalism"- the very source of all of his own money.

 He can then 

use his money to continue to bring down our country, our culture, our economy, 

our way of living.

Cicero was right when he talked about "the enemy from 

That enemy? 

They now have access to the White House.

Some even 

live there.

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