Monday, September 27, 2010

NRA mans up to Harry Reid

Gun rights group smacks majority leader over Supreme Court votes
Excerpt: This week's hostage standoff at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland offers a scary reminder why it's important for Americans to be able to own and carry firearms. When the public is packing heat, it's more dangerous for deranged criminals to threaten innocent life because individuals can defend themselves. No organization does more to protect our right to keep and bear arms than the National Rifle Association, and when you go against the NRA, you get thumped. Just ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
The powerful Nevada Democrat is reeling from the shock of not getting the gun group's important endorsement in his uphill re-election bid. NRAdecision-makers had to have some ice in the veins to make this call because Mr. Reid is no slouch on gun rights. He routinely deviates from his left-wing party line to vote pro-gun, and he played a central role in helping develop one of the nation's premier shooting ranges in Clark County, Nev.
What cost Mr. Reid the NRA nod this year was his lead role in shepherding far-left Obama nominees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan onto the Supreme Court. At the time of the latter's confirmation last month, the NRA made clear, "Ms. Kagan presents a clear and present danger to the right to keep and bear arms," and it unloaded both barrels in trying to shoot down her lifetime appointment.

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