Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guns & Patriots Weekly Digest

The articles that I post is because I think they are of interest to someone else. By posting these articles doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with every—or any—opinion in the posted article.

Ernest Emerson

This is your enemy. Understand, I'm not talking here about a bar fight over a girl's honor. I'm talking about a stone cold killer who will climb through a window into your house, crush your head with a hammer and rape your wife next to your dead body... Read More
Robert Spencer

Now at the Washington Post they're going one better, and refusing to run cartoons that don't depict Muhammad-again, believe it or not, for fear of enraging Muslims... Read More
Jennifer Kendall

I took a trip to the San Diego Sector Border Patrol for a ride along at America's Southern border. What I learned and saw is documented in this article... Read More
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Amelia Foxwell

At the base of the final rise just on the northern side of the border, the Florida operatives briefed the others on what to expect at the top. The Mexicans would have the high ground and likely be ready. It was a moment of grim reality... Read more
Oliver North Lt. Col. (Retired) USMC

In the week since our last report, we have been in the field with 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines and 1st Battalion, 8th Marines in Helmand Province. In places like Now Zad and Marjah, where Marines once encountered only Taliban insurgents and hostility... Read more
W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

These are not simply white-haired war heroes. They are men who have transcended heroism. But don't take my word for it: Read the Medal of Honor citations for any one of them, and you'll walk away convinced that only Superman himself could have done what they did... Read More
Mike Piccione

Although twice painfully wounded by grenade fragments, he refused medical treatment and courageously led his men in the destruction of over 100 mutually supporting bunkers, driving the remaining enemy from their positions, and relieving the pressure on the stranded marine company. Please take a moment to read the citation of a hero... Read More
W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

But there is only one great recognizing-honor that really catches the throat, that makes people stop in their tracks when they hear of it, that makes them stand. They think, 'That guy did something incredible to deserve it, tell me the story.' And that is the Medal of Honor... Read More
Phillip Jennings

With respect to the Vietnam War Commemorative event, perhaps I'm missing something. Is it supposed to be secret...Read More
Mike Piccione

Last week Guns & Patriots headquarters had the privilege of a visit from RedState.com's very own Erick Erickson. The first thing I ask any visitor is, "What is your favorite gun?" So I asked Erick and his response was... Read More
Major Gen. Jerry Curry

Last month my wife, Lady Char and I drove past the White House for what was to be her last time, before the cancer meanly took her away from me. When we were two little kids growing up in the steel mill town of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, we never thought that we would one day dine at the White House not once, but several times... Read More
Susan Dale

It's not just that they are brave; they demonstrate that every day. It's not just that they think of other people before themselves; just look at American history to see that demonstrated repeatedly. It's so much more than that. The American people are just... Read More
Barbara Baird

Someone once said that character is what you do when no one is looking. Well, I'd like to add a codicil to that adage. Character is how you drive when you pass a pedestrian on a country road when no one else is around... Read More
Traci Schauf

My team consisted of myself, a National Guardsman, and a twenty-two year old named Jessica that I had tagged as an academic who never left her office... Read More
Emily Armstrong

Instead of having a bank day at school, we had a stamp day. We bought War Stamps and pasted them into a book. When the book was full, we exchanged it for an $18.75 War Bond...Read More
The Federalist Papers

A fifth class of provisions in favor of the federal authority consists of the following restrictions on the authority of the several States... Read More

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