Monday, November 29, 2010

The Airport Security Solution That Will Work

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The best and only way to make our airports secure is to profile passengers that fall into one category of people. We all know who the terrorists are and should be looking at them instead of the average American citizen.  So if anyone falls within this category check them out throughly at before boarding a flight. If they don't want the extra scrutiny, then let them find another means of transportation and stop pestering and violating people's rights that do not fall into this category.  AMM

Here's a recent news account about the would-be Portland, Oregon bomber, Mohamud Osman Mohamed. Reading that article confirmed something that has been very clear for more than 20 years: America's terrorism problem isn't domestic. As others have already pointed out, the purveyors of terrorism in America and elsewhere are mostly Islamic Middle Eastern Men, predominately ages 18 to 30. All the leftist hand-wringers whine on endlessly about "fairness", and decry that horrid "profiling." But the latest incident in Portland is just another in a long, long, string of Islamic Middle Eastern Men that have demonstrated that they want to set off bombs in America. The fact is that we need more profiling. Why is the TSA still bestowing extra scrutiny at random? Do you feel safer, knowing that the TSA flunkies are groping elderly Catholic American nuns instead of focusing their attention on young Middle Eastern men?
Oh, and to be specific, the problem is not vaguely "Middle Eastern Men". To clarify:
  • Lebanese Christian men are "Middle Eastern Men". They aren't a problem.
  • Israeli Jewish and Christian men are "Middle Eastern Men". They aren't a problem, either.
  • Bahá'í Men throughout the Middle East aren't a threat to anyone.
Again, the problem is primarily Islamic Middle Eastern Men.
Sadly, I don't think that the Executive Branch's continuing "anti-profiling" policies will change until after there has been another successful terrorist airliner hijacking or an Islamic terrorist use of a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon on a major American city. Perhaps after tens of thousands of Americans are dead, we'll take the (blue) gloves off and start profiling (and most likely deporting) the real source of the problem, in earnest.
Please don't misconstrue the foregoing. I'm not a racist. Rather, I'm just a realist.

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