Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Mother Of All Earmarks

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It didn't take long to find out that the Democrats when they added all the pork spending and earmarks to the tax extension would find a way to get some of that wealth and send it to their friends. This should be throughly investigated and if it turns out that a scam has been created against the American people with this way of taking tax money for friends to use it, they need some jail time! AMM

Earlier today it was reported that far left Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) proposed a $48 billion earmark to redistribute taxpayer money to the inner city.
It was the Mother of All Earmarks…
Liberal Representative Emanuel Cleaver proposed a whopping $48 BILLION EARMARK that would redistribute wealth to the inner cities and gift money to the poor and thereby produce a much larger consumer class to buy the goods and services produced in this country.
Rep. Cleaver will lead the Congressional Black Caucus next year. (CBC Blog)
Now get this…
The $48 billion would go to Cleaver’s friend, a gentleman named Lamar Mickens, president of the not-for-profit Quality Day Campus who runs the organization out of his Kansas City home.
Currently Mickens operates this massive proposal out of his home but with Cleaver’s help, this earmark could put him on the road to success.
Cleaver provides a link to a Mickens “manifesto” where a lengthy agenda is outlined — but again with no specifics other than the rich should provide money to the poor so that the poor will have more money to spend.
There’s more…
Lamar Mickens is the President and the Treasurer of Quality Day Campus, Inc.
His wife Cynthia is the Vice President of Quality Day Campus, Inc.
It says so on their handwritten Annual Report!

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