Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Even Have a President

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Why even have a President? If I need to figure out all of the whys and wherefores myself and then reach a reasonable conclusion about what to do about a foreign policy crisis.....why do I need an imposter to do it for me? I try to catch up at the end of each day so I at least get a snapshot of what is going on in the world (for those of us that are still fortunate to have a job that means after we have earned our living for the day) I swear earlier this week I heard our Emperor say we were not going to get involved in foreign affairs...then a couple of days ago he was praising Mulbarak for showing restraint...last night I heard him say Mulbarak needs to go NOW (and that means yesterday)...and now he has sent Hillary to Egypt to tell him to respect the rights of his citizens and to step down. He didn't do any of this when the Iranian protesters were being shot and killed. Maybe he is scared of Ahmadinejad but feels like he can push 83 yr old Hosni around. We elected a tragically inept and unqualified person for President....and now I have to do my job and his too.
By: Max Sprague

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