Sunday, March 6, 2011

How much treason does it take to be charged with Treason?

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When you think about it there are many things that make this executive branch memorable, none of them elicit favorable images.
(Just 5 of many reasons)
  • Obama’s Eric Holder dismisses charges against men who have already been found guilty because their skin color is the same as his and he says they are “his people.” He also sends investigators to Arizona to harass officials of the law who are doing the job he refuses to do – defending the border against criminals.
  • We have a known communist named Van Jones who is so famous for his own communist propaganda that he had to be fired because even for this administration, he became too hot to handle.
  • We have an agency called the TSA who thinks it is alright to sexually assault little girls and little old ladies in the name of their relentless search for terrorists, none of whom have ever been in either of the these groups. The same agency also makes pornographic nude videos of everyone who boards an airplane. For what purpose?
  • We have an EPA that has shut down a full 1/3 of the the entire nation’s fruits and vegetables produced by American Farmers in Central CA. This action caused a 50% farm unemployment there and most of our vitamin rich foods to be imported from South America. The same agency has ruled the gas we exhale (CO2) to be a pollutant and is replacing safe tungsten light bulbs with poisonous ones filled with mercury.
  • We are the most richly endowed country on earth in terms of energy (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.), but our executive branch has denied our own energy companies the right to drill new wells or pump from existing wells while we import millions of barrels of oil from the Communist and Muslim terrorist countries who hate us and vow to murder us all.
Exactly what does it take for this country to understand what Obama is doing? How long will we tolerate treason before  we rise up and act?
Obama's secret message to you!

"When a man works against his own country’s best interests it is called Treason."~~Thomas Lee

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