Friday, May 11, 2007

Alabama Sunset

The weather here has been hot and dry, with no rain in sight. This afternoon, it started getting a little cloudy and thunder and lightning was all around, but one little thunder storm moved south with no rai here at my place at all. A little later on another one started up just north of me and it seemed to move right around too, still no rain. I have been pumping water out of my little pond onto the garden and the garden is really starting to look like a garden now. Maybe one of those afternoon popcorn showers will help out tomorrow or in a few days, I hope so.

Here's my Alabama Sunset fading down behind the next mountain over from the front of my house on Friday May 11, 2007!

I have been busy keeping my forum in good working order, so if any of you woulf like to take a look at that you can find it here at The Mountain Lots of good stuff being talked about there.

I got access to some private land to do some of my deer hunting on when season opens up, a 100 acres of a friend of mine. I have been told that there is a lot of deer around there. I sure do need to get 2 or 3 next season to stock up the deep freeze with some good venison. I just love the taste of venison. I've got to go scout the place out so I'll know where to place my stands when season comes in in the Fall. Maybe one morning early when it's cool, I can make a trip and do that.

Ya'll have a good day!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful sunset James! Yesterday we were lucky to get a few thunderstorms up this way, and later a beautiful rainbow! Still dipping into the 30's at night, so I haven't planted anything outside yet.
I could relate to your last post about stealing. Seems like lately if it ain't nailed down, it's up for grabs. Pretty sad.
Took a hike up the hill behind us today with Bud. He scared up a bunch of pheasants! Beautiful birds! Didn't see any deer, but I've got a feeling that they saw/heard us!
Hope you have a wonderful Summer!

Almtnman said...

Ali, the picture just didn't do it justice. The sun was very bright orange and I just couldn't get the effect of it with the camera. We don't have pheasants in this part of the country, I wish that we did. There were plenty of them in Korea when I was over there and we went hunting for them a few times. They are very hard to hit with a sawed off barrel riot shotgun though, but we had fun in getting to hunt on the weekends.

Summer down here is really heating up now and I like the summertime. If I had my pick of seasons as a favorite, it would have to be Fall.

It's good to see that you found this blog of mind. Stop by anytime!

Wild Bill said...

I'm still seein plenty of deer tracks in my garden but they dont seem to be botherin anythang..

We have been gettin just enuff showers to keep from havin to water here.. Lots of thunder and lightnin tho..

We are havin a SUNNY day here today but our sunsets dont look as pretty as yours.. The sunrises are pretty when it comes over the tree line and there is a fog or mist in the air.. As it gets lighter you can finally see the deer grazin along the fence lines..

If you wanna come down this way I can fix you up with a good huntin place !! Kind of a long way to go for a deer and/or a hog tho.. But I've got plenty of both around my place..

Thanks for sharin the sunset pic with us..

Almtnman said...

I haven't seen any deer activity in my garden yet, but as soon as the field peas gets a little bigger, I'm sure the deer will come at night and try to eat them. When that starts, I leave one of the dogs in the graden every night to keep them run out. I have on Lab that thinks one of the four wheelers is hers. We park the four wheeler beside the garden with a bucket of water and the dog will stay there all night til we go up in the morning to let her know her shift is over.

I sure would like to drive out that way sometime and make a hunt, but that sure is a long way to drive. And with the gas prices where they're at now, I have to keep close to home.

Papa Ray said...

Great picture, thanks for sharing. As far as the deer hunting, we have to travel south about a hundred miles to get us a mule deer. The terrain down there is tough for an ol' man like me. So I usually borrow a ride on a four wheeler to a likely place. this ranch is close to where we hunt. I don't know if I will be able to take Sweet Sarah down there, but I have already taken my three Grandsons on several trips. Mostly with good results.

Where we go is government land, no stands and no feeders. No parking (you park by the road) No camping facilites. No NOTHING. Well of course, except the Hunting Police, of which there are several.

Which brings up something. I hope your not a hunter that uses feeders. In my mind that is cheating way big. A stand is cheating enough, but sometimes if you can't see over the brush, that is the only way you will get a deer unless you want to scout or set for a month or so.

Of course where we hunt the brush is not too high to see over, and the land is rough and getting on a ridge line (if you can walk it) is the best place.

Anyway, don't take it personally, cause I tell everybody the same thing.

Take care and remember. It's always loaded.

Papa Ray

Almtnman said...

Papa Ray, sounds like some hard hunting you do down that way. We can't hunt over feeders here, it's illegal. We can put feeders out for the deer, but they have to be removed a couple of weeks before the season opens.I'll bet there isn't many trees down that way to get in so you could see over the brush. I'd be kind of lost if I couldn't find a nice tree and put my Summit Viper climbing stand in it so I can see all around. It's like having a lounge chair strapped up in a tree. I guess getting up on the ridge line would be the next best thing so you can see a lot farther. I'll have to agree, those four wheelers are the best thing for us old guys to use since they first came out with sliced bread and canned peaches.

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