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Rite Aid's Policy on Fallen Soldiers

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I received this article through the "Patriot Guard Riders" on how Rite Aid thinks of our fallen soldiers in the war on terrorism. I have had some comments here that wasn't very well received and they apparently didn't read this first part where I had posted the article about the Mason family of which I am not a part of that family, but only posted what they had told us here.

Rite Aid Corporation policy concerning Fallen Soldier Cpl Christopher E. Mason - “is no different than someone’s house burning down”

(January 8, 2008) Cpl Chris Mason's mother told Rite Aid's policy concerning the lost of her son “is no different than someone’s house burning down” by Rite Aid Regional Human Resources Manager, while our oldset son still serving in Iraq.

The mother of Cpl Chris Mason (Pictured above placing her hand upon a photo of our son).

Cpl Christopher E. Mason, pictured above, killed in an Al Qaeda ambush 28 Nov 2006 while moving into position to support his fellow Paratroopers.

Freedom Is Not Free
My wife and I stand at our son's grave site 02-20-2007. Rite Aid management states “Is no different than someone’s house burning down.”

After several months of recovering from the death of our youngest son Chris, his mom returned to her position at Rite Aid, she had been working there as a Cashier for a little over seven years before Chris’s death .

Upon receiving her first pay check she noticed Rite Aid had not placed her back at the level of pay she was earning at the time of our son's death (Rite Aid was docking her pay .10 cents an hour). She spoke with management and they told her it would be fixed by Rite Aid's Human Resources Department.

Christmas Eve arrived and she chose to work the holiday so others could be home with their children. After she recieved her check for the pay period she discovered she had not been paid for working the holiday (overtime amounting to no more than 15.00 dollars). Turns out Rite Aid was docking her for leaving her position to recover from the lost of our son, and was told that no “Associate” working for Rite Aid is paid for for working on a holiday after they quit and then get rehired “no matter what the reason.” Apparently Rite Aid wrote off her seven years with the company prior to Chris's death in The War on Terrorism.

A few days passed and Chris's mom decided to contact Rite Aid's Regional Human Resources Manger (he is the one that stated Rite Aid's policy "No -Cashier- gets hoilday pay no matter what the reason”). She wanted to explain to him why she had to leave her job. She wanted to share with him that she could not get the image of her baby lying in the street, being shot and dying, needing her to help him and her not being there for him, out of her mind. She just wanted to explain, that is all she wanted to do, but she never stood a chance. He put her on the defense, forcing her to defend her position, it became a game for him. She tells me she is not sure of everything that he said because after the following statement she was so stressed she locked him out, but she cannot get this part out of her head, it wakes her up at night.

After the Human resourcs Manager snickered at her this is what Chris's mother said to him:

Chris’s mom: "Sir you are talking to the mother of a Fallen Soldier; my son was killed in the War on Terrorism"

Human Resources Manager replied: Rite Aid's policy is “That’s no different then someone’s house burning down”

Chris's mom quick her job at Rite Aid (Jan 10 2008) and is once again having a tough time with Chris' death, and she is not sleeping at night..... the Human resources Manager still has his position within Rite Aid. The CEO, Mary Sammons, was contacted by phone (Jan 11 2008) and email (Jan 8 2008) concerning Rite Aid's policy, but she gave no response.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I ask that you share it with others so they will know the policy of some companies in this country are the same as they were back during the Vietnam war, yes how some
people consider the lost of our Warriors in combat “no different than someone’s house burning down” is beyond my understanding.

“Strength and Honor”

Cpl. Chris Mason’s dad

Cpl Chris Mason's Offical MySpace page

Videos and Guestbook of Cpl Chris Mason

Rite Aid has agreed to a donation of $10,000.00 dollars to the “Wounded Warriors Foundation” in the name of Cpl. Christopher Edward Mason…. They are issuing letters of apology to Chris’ mother, I (his Father), and his brother who is still serving in Iraq….. The Human Resources Manager that spoke the hateful comment about Chris’s death is now receiving the maximum disciplinary action allowed under Rite Aid’s guidelines.

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