Sunday, November 29, 2009

Presidential Visits... the Differences in Each!

On local Houston radio 2 days ago on November 13th a private from Ft. Hood called into the AM talk show on 950AM.


Since then, the host has verified just to be sure that the man was indeed an injured soldier so as not to be fooled.


Anyway, the private was with some others that were not critically hurt in a ward. He called in to offer the "difference" between the visit from President Bush vs the visit from President Obama.


As you stated, no one knew President Bush was coming, he just showed up. WITH NO PRESS OR CAMERAS AT ALL!
The private says that he spent a lot of time visiting with EACH soldier. He said he sat on the stool at his bedside for about 5 minutes and HELD HIS HAND and spoke with him. Then he did the same with the others. He said his words were heartfelt and they had a conversation.


Compared with the visit of President Obama.


First off the private said was the advance team that he said made sure there was nothing on the bedside tables Obama did not want in the pictures. (like what a bible maybe?)

Then he said a man whose name he forgot came and gave them all a lecture about what they were ALLOWED TO SAY AND DO while the President was there.
He said they could not speak unless HE spoke to them, and could not TOUCH him unless he touched them.
This guy you could tell was not left bashing. He said that Obama gave a prepared speech to the whole group, NO PERSONAL BEDSIDE VISITS.
Then he went around and shook their hands, but still no words to them other than his prepared remarks.
Then he left. And that my friends is the difference.


 Just like the Dover visit. President Bush used to go a lot, but he never took the press with him. We did not know that, did we, until a couple of weeks ago.

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