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Royal Snub for the Obama's

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It's about time somebody put these two classless leaders in their place! AMM

President Barack Obama and Michelle are not invited!

Michelle is livid over the snub and Obama can’t believe it…
What is happening and what can I do about it seems to be the thoughts in Obama’s head. Meanwhile, William and Kate have it together.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning a royal wedding April, 2011. Prince William personally told the wedding planners to strike the Obama’s from the guest list. He stated, “He did not won’t Michelle Obama trying to pull her center of attention ploy trying to upstage Kate on Kate’s wedding day”. Sources reveal that William states, “She may run Obama, but she doesn’t run him or England ”. The Democrats and Obama would like to play the race card as they have done so many times in America , but it is difficult when other black heads of states are invited to the wedding and will be warmly received.

Now, what is the future King of England ’s reasons for Snubbing the Obama’s to the world and making them a laughing stock. It has nothing to do with America beyond being so stupid as to elect such low class imperfection to the office of President and First Lady. The decisions that they make can and will affect the World. Secondly, Michelle called his mother Diana an over sexed cloths horse and further stated that she, Michelle, was more popular than Diana ever was. Thirdly, Michelle Obama showed her butt at every major social function endeavoring to be the Queen in the lime light. In other words, just a lack of class. Fourthly, the Queen Mother, William’s grand mother also has her reasons. Obama refused to bow to her, but a few days later bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia . Michelle manhandled her by becoming too familiar by putting her arm around her. The Queen only shakes hands with gloves on…That are the Traditions and it is still honored by the Royals. The Queen said to her staff, “Never allow that woman to be in the same room with me again” and she meant every word of it. The gifts from Obama and Michelle were both tacky and in poor taste…It is all a matter of class. In addition the Queen Mother supported Prince William in his decision, due to the fact, the word is out about the lavish booze parties at the White House, the expensive vacations and state visits that cost the American tax payers billions of dollars un-necessarily when the American people need the resources…We here at True American can’t decide if it is Just low class, no class, big a_s   or all that has just been mentioned.

The Obama’s are desperately trying to make it a slight against America. Every past Head of State has always been invited…This is not a state function and William is not yet a Sovereign. It is just a multi-million dollar private wedding and the Obama’s have been royally snubbed by the British Royals; not America, just the present classless leaders…

Michelle Obama may be ruining the day Barry sent back the bust of Winston Churchill. The Obamas are not being invited to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times writes:

... the current residents of the White House will not be there, according to the Daily Mail.

The official excuse provided to the British paper by royal sources is that the royal couple wants to share their special nuptial moment with ordinary citizens. Anyway, it is not an official state event, they said. And, you know, Westminster only seats 2,000.

Nice try.

So then how to explain the invites to French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni?

And how to explain the invitations to England-loving President and Mrs. Reagan for the wedding of Diana and Prince Charles back in 1981? And the subsequent invitations to the American first family for the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson five years later?

The world's fashion press will be gaga over all the outfits worn to the nuptials, and poor Michelle will get no ink. That has to rankle the first clothes horse, with the odd taste in  belts and colors.

Boo-hoo. What goes around comes around. An iPod with a recording of the wedding ceremony would be a nice gift for the royals to send to the White House.

Maybe the Obamas will get invited to the next Luo tribal chief's wedding in Kenya.


Christopher said...

Maybe George & Laura Bush could get an invite. Sarah Palin could think of a nice gift to represent America.

Lazlo Toth said...

It would have taken you all of five minutes of research to verify that this article is full of falsehoods -- just starting with the fact that the "Queen Mother" has been dead since 2002, genius. Furthermore, the referenced wedding is not an affair of state, but a private ceremony, and thus it is not more a "snub" not to invite the Obamas than it is to not invite the many, many other heads of state who will not be there.

But the article tells you what you want to hear, and you will believe any slander you see about the Obamas regardless of its factuality. So why on earth should I ruin your fun with facts? You'll just rationalize them out of existence anyhow.

And that's why we Americans can't have nice things.

Almtnman said...

@Lazlo Toth, if you would have read this article and did about 5 seconds of research on it, you would notice that "it said the Queen Mother, Grandmother of William".

And the Queen Mother that you said died in 2002, where did you get that from? Maybe you were referring to Princess Diana who wasn't and has never been a Queen, only a Princess.

And if you go back and read the post in it's entirety, notice that it also states that "it is not a state function and William is not yet a Sovereign".

No wonder this country is in such bad shape as it is, we have liberal people that are so addicted to Obama that they just make up stuff!

Morty Murphy said...

The Obama's needs to be snubbed by more people as they are doing a bad job of running the government!

Graham Pointer said...

Where did Lazlo get the idea that the Queen Mother died in 2002? Could be from

The Queen Mother was William's great-grandmother.

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