Saturday, April 14, 2007

Boiled Camp Coffee

When I'm out in the woods or on a river or creek bank, I like to make boiled coffee. It just doesn't get any better than sipping a cup of boiled coffee while watching the campfire that it was made on. Here's how I make mine and don't have to eat the grounds or pick them out of my teeth with my belt knife. Get a good fire going and if you have a metal grid to place on some rocks around the fire to sit the pot on, that's a plus. An old smoked up coffee pot seems to work better than a new one, fill it with water, sit it on the grid add the coffee grounds and bring to a boil. Let it boil for at least a minute, longer if you have wolverine blood in your system. Now, here's the secret to moving the grounds down out of the way. Pour about a cup of cold water on top and the grounds will sink to the bottom. BTW, in case the pot is full when you're boiling the coffee, you can keep it from boiling over by placing a small green sapling across the top of the pot. Somehow, this little green sapling will keep it from boiling over as ever time the water gets up to it, it goes back down. Give it a try for yourself. It has worked for me every time.

Now after the cup of cold water, sit the pot away from the heat for a couple of minutes giving the grounds time to settle to the bottom. Pour it up and enjoy some of the best boiled camp coffee while watching the campfire. It doesn't get much better than that!


Wild Bill said...

I usually use 2 long chunks of wood to settle my pot on, but spilled 1 1/2 pots of coffee the other mornin..

I also pour my first cup and then pour it out of the cup back into the pot before refillin my cup again.. It preheats your cup so it stays hot longer and gets those stubborn grounds that keep on floatin on the top of the pot..

About my 3rd cup is when I like to pull a ceegar out to go with my coffee..

And its best to use a little willow switch to put across the top of your pot to keep it from boilin over.. Dont leave a taste like some sticks do.. A Black Oak stick tends to make it taste like you striied it with a pencil..

Papa Ray said...

Good advice from the both of ya'll.

I have to admit it's been awhile since I had any boiled coffee. But in my day, I used to put egg shells in the coffee about half way through and then try and keep them out of the coffee cup as you was pouring it. It seemed to keep the grounds down, but kinda crunchy sometimes....

I remember the last time I was out, was with my oldest grandson who was about seven I believe. We was going hunting for some mule deer down south of here and it was a really cold morning, one of those where you wish you had kept your boots in the bag with you all night, cause they were froze stiff.

He enjoyed it and we did get a little buck. We shot at the same time almost and I of course, told him that "it was his good shooting" I don't know if he believed it or not.

Good times. He is eighteen and going in the Navy in about 30 days. A fine young man, if I don't say so myself.

Glad you guys can still handle those cold mornings. I can't hardly get out of bed sometimes in a warm house.

Don't think I would make a good hunting pard anymore.

Papa Ray

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