Monday, April 9, 2007

Ontario Kukri Machete

I ordered myself a new Kukri machete made by Ontario knife works. The Ontario knife works machetes don't come cheap and I paid a little more than I wanted, but it should last a lifetime unless it's lost by one of my grandchildren like the last Ontario machete I owned. My first one was the long straight version with about an 18 inch blade. The Kukri has a curved blade being heavier and wider at the end which should make chopping chores easier. When it arrives, I'll try to give the results of it's functions and if it was worth the extra cash. It should prove it's worth in hacking out four wheeler trails and shooting lanes for deer hunting.

The Ontario spec plus kukri machete measures 16 3/4" overall with an 11 5/8" black epoxy powder coated carbon steel kukri blade. The handle is black grooved kraton with a lanyard hole.

Includes a heavy black cordura sheath.

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