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Survivalist Tips, Beyond the fringe

Survivalist Tips

Although none of us has a crystal ball to know in advance which trial or tribulation will occur first and when, we do have the good sense God has provided us to avoid unnecessary anguish or death. This spiritual perception, if you will, makes it possible to minimize most hardships just by knowing how to recognize the telltale signs.

All too often disaster strikes when we least expect it. Thus, remaining constantly alert, which includes being mentally and physically equipped, is as important to the survivalist as storing an ample supply of food is to the squirrel. In fact, we can learn much from our furry friends just by gathering what we can, while we can, in preparation for a long and harsh winter. Even if it means there is no time for doing anything else, it is far wiser to go the extra mile, rather than coming up short during the moment of truth. REMEMBER: life is full of surprises and evil is always lurking; so it will only be worse for those who choose to squander what little opportunity remains.

An increasingly common view shared by a disenfranchised citizenry is that the system of governing (from the federal leviathan down to the neighborhood fiefdoms) is essentially out of control. There may not be house to house searches being conducted regularly just yet, but the prerequisites for usurping our liberties have already been penned into law. If you recall, the Clinton Administration already demonstrated their contempt for the Law of the Land when they rummaged through the welfare projects in Chicago looking for guns.

Regrettably, the beacon of freedom which arose from the ashes of the American Revolution has been buried beneath the dung of tyrants. The Constitution, the Republic, and even one nation under God are now only figments of our imaginations. Worse still, academia has become an institution of deceit, and what little remains of historical truth is progressively fading from our cultural consciousness.

Moreover, the original tenets of Anglo-Christian tradition are slowly dying from the cancer of democratic socialism; which is to say, asphyxiation by mob rule commandeered by secular humanists instituting moral relativism. To put it in simpler terms, the hearts and minds of this generation are infected with a fatal disease no less addictive than heroin or nicotine. Legal plunder, perverted justice, and obscene taxation are not only tolerated, a multitude of greedy swine and self-ordained scoundrels regard anything less as "anti-American". And while the war of words has effectively been lost by traditionalists to cultural saboteurs, the last nails (meaning tyrannical decrees) are being hammered into our national coffin.

Truth, justice and the American way has been replaced with the artificially sweetened elixir of political correctness; and those who dare to think that Christianity is central to a healthy society are rebuked for being close-minded bigots, racists or angry white males. In short, licentiousness, disorder, and ungodliness has culminated into one gigantic bureaucratic abomination; and as a result, mundane wickedness has replaced God's plan with an elaborate delusion. Be forewarned, the vultures are circling, and you are their intended prey.

Some say that, in the not to distant future our country is headed toward a cataclysmic economic collapse. Others have indicated that democracies have historically committed suicide, and America is no less immune. Whether we are being precooked by tyrants to be incorporated into the New World Order's melting pot or experiencing the wholesale plunder of this nation through the mechanism of majoritarianism, the ballot box, or widespread heresy, one thing is for certain: the writing is on the wall.

Thus, the survivalist cannot afford to be a procrastinator any more than a squirrel can waste time frolicking through the tree-tops instead of foraging for food. You either discipline yourself to do what's necessary now, or risk paying dearly later. However, if you don't mind going hungry, being without medicine or warm dry clothes, go back to watching the boob-tube and forget this whole idea. It's as good a place as any to get caught with your pants down.

Soon enough, the predominate malarkey being codified by the blind leading the blind will come home to roost, and those neglecting to take appropriate measures will most assuredly get what they deserve. But make no mistake about it, we are fast approaching the threshold of no return.

In many ways, then, the plight of the patriot hangs in the balance. But have no fear, for you are not alone. Just be thankful that you've been given an advanced warning; and do not torture yourself trying to teach the blind to see. For one doesn't have to be a weatherman to know what lays over the horizon.

The following are a few tips which have been selected at random, and are a part of an ongoing series of articles similar in nature:

To escape the undertow of a rip-tide, or what is technically called a rip-current, one need only remember that they run parallel to the shore until the contour of the beach changes shape. This means that even an average swimmer can reach calmer water just by going with the current, rather than fighting to get closer to land. The key here is to relax, not panic.

It takes less time and effort to travel down a frozen creek or stream bed than it does to hike through a snow laden forest; however, there is 1.) the risk of falling through the ice, especially where fast moving water prevents an adequate layer of support ice to form; 2.) it makes it easier to be spotted by aircraft or someone using binoculars or heat sensors; and 3.) they often form a much longer path which clings to the topography, rather than the course you intend to take. On the other side of the equation, one can go a long distance in a minimal amount of time on foot with the least amount of resistance and/or commotion. They are especially ideal for traveling quickly at night, and they provide a superb passageway for dragging or sliding abnormally large or weighty objects.

An excellent rehydration fluid can be made in a flash by simply adding one teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt to a quart of water. This becomes extremely important in arid or tropical climates, but will do the trick anywhere one sweats profusely from excessive heat and humidity. In addition, by simply dipping a silk scarf in a puddle or a brook, and then placing it around the neck, it will provide relief from heat exhaustion almost instantly. If water is not readily available, try mopping up or absorbing the condensation which forms around your canteen, under rocks and from among leafy plants.

By brewing the bark from a willow tree into a dark colored tea, it can be used to help break a fever and can eliminate a typical headache. This bark is loaded with salicylates (which are basically aspirin related compounds) and is very effective, even in small amounts. For those who can't tolerate aspirin well, try black alder (elder) bark instead. Black alder is a tree which has great scarlet colored berries and is common throughout eastern North America.

A simple way to get some nutritious food can be accomplished by taking the eggs from any bird nest. Although they can be consumed raw, you might find them quite tasty by hard-boiling them first. Least of which, frying eggs, especially tiny ones, will waste up to a third of what might be your only meal for several days.

Be extra cautious when cooking rabbit meat to make certain it is thoroughly cooked. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to over-cook, rather than risk a painful experience. Bear in mind, rabbit is notorious for carrying harmful pathogens (such as tularemia, an infectious disease commonly known as rabbit fever) and has frequently killed unwary humans. Similarly, eating inadequately cooked pork can cause trichinosis, a severe intestinal disorder.

In order to evade high-tech heat seeking infrared sensors, a difficult task to say the least, try to find a suitable refuge well below ground or deep within a cave. As a last resort, completely wrap yourself in a heat reflecting metallic blanket. Although your body heat would be greatly masked by remaining immersed in water, it will only serve as a temporary cover because of the threat of hypothermia. The best defense in this case is, of course, not being detected at all. Therefore, factor this into your plans so you can be prepared to act accordingly.

By situating yourself up in a tree over or nearby a deer crossing (which is a place deer normally travel), you'll increase your chances to bag a deer considerably. The reason: deer have a tendency not to look up; therefore, the element of surprise will be to your advantage.

Clothing that is too heavy or too brief can help increase perspiration and result in fatal dehydration. Yet, clothing which is too light can induce an excessive loss of body heat. Thus, the best way to dress, especially for bitter cold weather is with several layers. In this way, layers can be removed or added to adjust to sudden or gradual temperature changes.

A typical spool of dental floss provides a critical component for maintaining oral hygiene. It is also inexpensive and lightweight. However, it also serves hundreds of other purposes which make it an invaluable item on any survivalist's list. For instance, it could be used in conjunction with a hook to catch fish; it can be used to tie things down; it can be used to construct a crude bow or a booby-trap; and because of its unusual strength, it could also be used to strangle an adversary. But most importantly, it helps dislodge unwanted food particles, which will, if allowed to decay, cause a myriad of problems down the road. In this case, at least, prevention is not only the best medicine, it has multiple advantages other survival gear cannot not readily match.

If you have a safe place for a food stash, try to obtain as wide a variety of freeze-dried items as possible. But do not forget to include bottled water which will be needed to make use of what you have stockpiled. In addition, store only white lined cans of vegetables and fruit (Tendersweet and Blueboy are two manufacturers) or that which comes in glass jars. Bear in mind, regular tin or aluminum cans do not preserve food as long, and dented containers increase the risk of contamination substantially. Also, you should factor in using what would be weatherproof and rodent proof storage bins. A PVC plastic five gallon bucket with a resealable top works superbly; but you could get by with Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers if you had no other choice. REMEMBER: always think long term when deciding which materials to use.

You will be one step ahead of the next guy by simply creating a one-of- a-kind signaling system in advance with your fellow survivalists. However, try to stay away from universally recognized symbols and the like which may inadvertently alert a potential foe. It is okay to think like a baseball team's manager from a strategic perspective, but remaining as inconspicuous as possible is what will matter most. One of the best times to travel on foot through rough terrain without being detected or leaving a blatantly obvious trail is during a steady or drizzling rain. Although you will most likely get drenched, and may find it slow going, the distance gained is well worth taking advantage of. Whereas most people prefer to get out of the rain, which often includes those who may be after you, lousy weather can become your best friend. Take advantage and use nature wisely. You will be glad you did.

If you are making camp in a remote wilderness area, be sure to take extra precautions to protect your valuable food supply. Many kinds of animals ranging from small rodents to hungry bears will not hesitate to steal from their careless neighbors. One method is to sink food items off shore (providing water is nearby), and another is to hoist everything high into the air using a rope over a tree limb. But if you are foolish enough to leave everything within the "security" of a tent, you may find yourself hunting and foraging away energy needlessly while the local critters are sleeping off the feast you inadvertently provided.

The best way to avoid sunburn is to stay out of the sun or by wearing protective clothing. But if you find yourself in this painful predicament, you can get relief from a number of natural items. For instance, chestnut, hemlock, oak, pine, and the leaves of the elderberry all have the chemical tannin which acts as an astringent to the affected skin. By making a crude salve after boiling these ingredients, it will soothe and rehydrate the skin quite nicely. In fact, a mountain man's salve can relieve the symptoms caused by poison oak, poison sumac, and even poison ivy with similar satisfying results. Just remember to treat sunburn like any other burn, and whenever possible, increase your intake of salt and large quantities of water.

Stay away from eating caterpillars; most of them are poisonous. However snakes and lizards will make a delicious meal that is perfectly safe to eat. Just be certain to remove the heads and entrails, and cook thoroughly. Frog meat is also very good, but be extremely careful to discard the skin which is often saturated with potent toxins.

If you are being chased by someone or a group, try to (if it is possible, of course) move in a direction which is into the wind. At this point, scent will no longer be a factor because you have presumably been detected; however, starting a brush fire will actually cause most to flee the other way. Both the smoke and the intense flames can act as an advancing barrier which will help widen the distance between you and them. Keep this in mind while crossing large fields, pastures, or shrub brush areas. Even a five m.p.h. breeze can create a wall of fire. Survival is not a privilege it's a right. But those who are ill-prepared often forfeit that right for much less than you might expect. People have died from exposure who were found later with matches in their pockets. Others have gotten lost less than a mile from their home; only to die a cruel death because they were not knowledgeable about some of the most basic of things. No matter if the world is seemingly coming to an end or not, there is simply no excuse for being ill-prepared. Most times you will never see a crisis coming until after it strikes. Being prepared, therefore, goes hand in hand with common sense and a willingness to want to stay alive.


Cheryl said...

You're scaring the hell out of me, yet I know this is something we all should read and take to heart.

I agree with Wild Bill, great writing and a great site. Thanks for the tips.

Almtnman said...

Sure don't want to scare anyone, but the world is changing now and we all need to be prepared just in case things take a turn for the worse.

Papa Ray said...

Good advice. My only problem is that I'm too old to run, so I will have to use deception and other means. Plus I'm going to have kids with me for the next few years. Kids and escape are not kind bedfellows.

But most likely I will be long gone before TSHTF. But my Son and Daughter and Grandkids are getting trained right now and have been since they were all small.

WB will tell you that I have made several posts about being prepared and how it is responsible to do so.

Trouble is, most folk think it's too much trouble or too expensive or just don't want to believe it is necessary.

Ask people that lived through some tornados or other natural disasters only to find out that they didn't have a way to survive without depending on someone else.

Don't ever depend on someone else for basic survival.

Papa Ray

Cheryl said...

Being in earthquake country I am prepared for a disaster. However, for the danger I'm anticipating, and for which I believe you write, I need to leave my area. Can you possibly write tips for a single female with animals traveling by car? I have to drive about 250 miles to safety with friends who are veterans, and in the mountains. I do have two means of protecting myself, though. WB has given me pointers, as well. I'm going to print this stuff out and memorize it, as well as put it in my emergency kit.

Wild Bill said...

Cheryl, if at all possible, try not to travel alone.. Try to get somebody you trust to travel with you or try to join a group or caravan..

Also see if you can have your friends from the mountains meet you somewhere and lead you into where they are .. They will know of the hazards that will be on the way in and can direct as to how to avoid any problem areas..

Pre-plannin a route and makin notes as to where there are places you can hide till thangs settle down is a good idea..

Try to find people that are on your route that you can go to or get hold of and keep addresses and phone numbers listed.. Also give that list to the people where you are headed so if they need to track your progress they will be able to find where the last place you were at..

Get a CB radio in your vehicle !! If it gets bad the truckers are gonna be organizn convoys to travel and they may let you join them.. If its REALLY bad, then they may be able to give you a ride close to where you are goin and have your friends meet you there to take you on to your destination.. And there may be Military Convoys doin the same thang too.. But SAFETY is gonna be in NUMBERS !!

This is just a few of the thangs you may want to consider.. I'm sure there are a lot more that I didnt list..

Almtnman said...

Cheryl, that's some good advice that Wild Bill you. What you might want to have planned is which route to take and a couple of alternate routes just in case one was blocked or clogged up with traffic. Keeping a bug out bag ready to go would also be a good idea. You can do a search of bug out bag contents and find a lot of info on what they need. Basically a bug out bag would need your medicine a change of clothes and food and water to last 2 or 3 days, protection(gun w/ammo) or until you arrive at new location. Set up a contact point with someone in another area as a place to call or head to if members of a group got separated that they could call into for info on where anyone might be. About the best advice is, get on the move early before the crowds hit th highways and clog them up.

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