Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Cartridge That Gets No Respect:

Found this info about a not too well known cartridge and wanted to add it here...

By Ralph M. Lermayer

What if there was a cartridge that could take any North American game, including the biggest, from hogs to elk out to 250 yards and beyond. What if that same cartridge was gentle on the shoulder and inherently very accurate? What if it was simple to load and made from a case that was widely available and cheap? What if its case length was short enough to build efficient carbine-length rifles without the need for short barrels? Such a cartridge could be loaded in bolt, lever, pump and single-shot rifles, making it a near-perfect round for the overwhelming majority of game hunted worldwide ..READ FULL STORY HERE


Papa Ray said...

I believe my father-in-law had a .358 if I remember correctly. I think it was a Browning but not sure.

He swore by it and prefered it over some of the other rifles he owned.

I never shot it, sorry I didn't after reading this article.

Thanks for the link.

Papa Ray

Almtnman said...

I found the article very interesting and thought maybe if someone wanted just one rifle that would do it all or almost all, the .358 Winchester caliber might fit. Makes me want to go out looking for one for myself.

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