Sunday, April 22, 2007

A day to relax

We took a day off Saturday to relax a bit from doing things around the house. We managed to get our tomatoes and peppers planted, a row of Blue Lake pole beans planted and the strings run for the beans to climb on when they come up. Also got an irrigation drip line run on the bean row and soaked the ground down good with it. Before that the gasoline pump wouldn't crank as it had froze up during the winter while it was idle. I took the pull start part off and used a big socket and wrench on the crankshaft bolt to move the motor a little. Apparently it had some rust build up inside and that's what the problem was. After it moved, I replaced the pull start and hooked the pump up and it did good. Anyway, we needed a day of leisure, so we headed to a local park to spend the day. It was very nice, the temperature wasn't too cold or too hot and had a gentle breeze blowing most of the day to make it very comfortable. We carried a picnic lunch with plenty to eat and did some small hikes on the trails around the park. There were some rock climbers and some people rappeling on the bluffs on one side of the park that has become a good place to do that and there's usually a lot of those people there to watch. I find it interesting that some climb the bluffs with a safety line attached and others rappel down the side. I would like to try rappeling, but just never got into it. I have a friend that works for the fire department that told me he would train me to do that for free when they had one of their sessions. I'm begining to think that I'm a little old for that now, so will just watch the younger folks do it. Anyway, we had a nice relaxing day and enjoyed it. I'll get back to the garden about Monday and start getting some rows of corn and maybe a couple rows of okra in the ground. Sure do need some rain around here though as my pond is not up to the right level to hold out all summer when I plan on pumping water out of it to the garden.


Wild Bill said...

Relaxation and reflection are good, sometimes.. But me, I try to relax and reflect on thangs and I wind up just thankin bout more stuff to worry bout.. I do better by keppin my hands busy so that it takes my mind off all the other stuff..

The best way for me to relax and reflect is to do somethin constructive and THEN sit back and look at it.. Just like when my well rope broke and I had to fish my bucket back out from the bottom of the well.. It took me several hours and when I got the new rope tied on and got it fixed the way I wanted it, I sat back around my campfire havin a cup of good coffee and a pipe of the tobacco that the Mrs. got me, and just looked at my well bucket danglin from the pulley with the new rope attached and let my mind wander(I know, thats dangerous) and thank about the waterin I was gonna be able to do to the tamaters and other stuff that were gonna now grow big and full and produce lots of good food to enjoy.. Food that has a taste unmatchable by the plastic stuff from the stores.. Mouth-waterin food !!

I like to sit and look at the pasture after I've spent hour after hour mowin and see the lush green grass mown to where it looks like the outfield of a nice ball park and I can see the birds and rabbits and deer nibblin away at the new tender stuff comin up..

Thats how I like to relax..

I dont like to go to parks where people have their wild, screamin, unruly kids runnin everywhere and some asshole has his radio playin some obnoxious music WAY too loud and throwin trash all over.. Makes me wanna go slap em too bad !! And then tere are the ones that go to the trouble of gettin all their stuff together and loadin it only to get there and unload it and pull out a cell phone and spend the whole time talkin on it..

Its just frustratin and confusin to see em do thangs like that that makes me wanna be where THEY AINT .. Reminds me of people that push their glasses up on top of their head and forget em, then a few minutes later start an hour long hunt for em..

Yesterday mornin(Sunday) I poured me a cup of coffee and filled a pipe full of Rum and Maple and rolled out to the edge of the garden in my wheelchair and sat with Miss Minnie Pearl next to me and we just sat and watched through the thin fog as the Day world came to life and the Night world went to bed.. No kids.. No cell phones..

Papa Ray said...

Hey buds.

Sounds like you guys got good ideas and sound plans.

Me..well, most of my planning is around my Sweet Sarah, but I did get a new screen door on the front put in.

Was a bitch, is an understatement. Reason being I'm old and can't get around good and my hands got that arthritis so my fingers don't do what I would like.

But got it done and got my middle grandson to help some, which is good as he is getting lazy just going to school. Wait until I get ahold of him this summer.

Talking about okra, I ran across this okra a couple of years back. I used to plant Clemston Spineless (sp) but I like this much better. You should try it, It makes a lot and is fast.

Just don't plant too close together and don't over water or you'll just get large stalks.

I like Peters too, because its cheaper and it's been around a long time and works good. But back in the day, good ol pig/cow/horse crap composted with whatever else we had worked even better.

Sadly, I'm not able to do that anymore. That is, until I get us a different place.

That cold snap we had knocked all the leaves off of my trees and would have done in some of my veggies if I hadn't covered them up. Supposted to be in the eightys the rest of the week so I'm thinking that we will be ok from here on in. Just hope we get some thunder storms that water good and don't blow away everything.

Living in West Texas is an adventure, freeze to death, die of heat stroke or get blown away.

Take your pick, if your not happy just wait a few days.

Papa Ray

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