Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dang lawnmower busted again

I've been having problems with my riding mower. Seems like every time I use it, I need to work on it. A couple of weeks back I went to get it out of the barn and it wouldn't crank. After an hour or so of checking things out, I found that the ignition switch had gone bad. I went and bought a new switch, air filter and new blades and installed those and got it going and got the grass cut. Then a couple of days ago the blades started hanging up and wouldn't turn. I took the mower deck off this morning and found that the middle blade wouldn't turn. I took the bearing housing out and noticed that the bearings were seized up and wore out. I then went to the tractor shop and bought a new bearing housing that came with bearing's, seals, new shaft and everything I needed plus a couple of tubes of grease for my grease gun. Whew, I think the tractor place makes more money off parts than they do the mowers as parts are sky high. Anyway, got it all put back together and greased the bearings for all 3 blades and it seemed to whip right through the grass. I hope it holds together for at least 2 or 3 years as this fixing that thing all the time is gettin old. I think I'm almost qualified to call myself a millwright after all the work I've done on that riding mower.

Ya'll have a good day


nanc said...

we just had to replace two blades and the drive belt on ours.

it's a drag, but unless you want armpit high grass, you must maintain them or get goats!

Almtnman said...

Living way out here in the country as I do, goats might be an option if I could only figure out how to have them and not have the fertilizer they leave behind. :)

At my old house, I had an acre lot next door that I bought to keep anyone from building next to me. It was grownup so bad, you couldn't get through there, sort of like a jungle. We fenced it off and bought 3 goats and in a years time, it looked like a parking lot. The 2 nannies wasn't too bad, but the billy, we had to get rid of him as he smelled like a garbage dump all the time. He always liked to pee on his back legs....must have thought it was attracting to the nannies.

nanc said...

supposedly it is...



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