Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reaping the rewards

It's been a busy week here on my mountain. On Monday we went and loaded up a trailer load of old weathered wood from a house that had been torn down. I just love the looks of old weathered wood and can make all kind of nice looking things from it. The house was very old as we got a bunch of square nails out of some of the wood. I looked up on the 'net and found out that the nails were type B cut nails that were used between 1820 and 1900, so that give me a clue that the house was over 100 years old. I usually pick the okra every other day and am getting a lot of okra now, plus squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, corn, green beans and field peas. The other half picked about 5 bushels of field peas yesterday and we sat and watched TV last night and shelled about 2 bushels. They're in the freezer now. Got some zucchini that will be there with them in a few minutes and okra there too. It's been good eating all those fresh picked vegetables right from the garden.

I got my results back from taking a physical and everything looked really good. My cholesterol was way down there now and it looks like I'm in pretty good shape. If only I could get up in the mornings without ol Arthur freezing up and aching my joints, it would be better. I pruned our fig tree yesterday and it looks good with the dried up ends that was left from the freeze a while back. It has even put on some new small figs. I hope they have time to ripen as that fig preserve sure tastes good on a couple of pieces of toast in the morning's with my coffee. I went back to the old house place this morning and dug up a small pear tree and got it planted. In a few years it should produce some good canning pears that will be good on cold winter days when nothing else is growing.

Ya'll have a good day!


Wild Bill said...

I've got a 5-gallon bucket almost full of those old square nails.. You gotta be sure and wear some safety glasses when workin with em tho.. They chip off and will fly in your eye in a heart beat !! They dont bent like these new ones do.. Pullin out of old wood is where the biggest danger is.. The head will pop a corner off and wherever it hits you it will cut like a razor..

So, ol "Arthur" writes you too ?? Aint nothin better for it than some of ol Granny's Rhummatiz Medicine !!

My Gramna used to get me or Daddy to get her a small bottle of whiskey ever late-fall to have durin the winter when she would have some of those days when her old cotton-choppin bones would try to lock up.. She liked to make her a totty of lemmon/honey/whiskey at nite while we would be quiltin.. You knew that after she had her totty that it wouldnt be long till bedtime..

She liked to have me come spend the nites that she would be tryin to get a quilt done.. My young eyes could thread and tie her needles a lot easier than she could.. And after her totty you could see the strain go out of her eyes.. Before she had it, she would have a pained expression on her face but after she would get almost giddy and it didnt bother her to reach on out toward the center of the quilt to sew on it..

nanc said...

i'll spend morning tomorrow putting sweet corn in the freezer - there's plenty of squash, tomatoes, peppers and i've just put in the ground some gourds - all sorts.

we've been eating two or three sorts of homegrown and locally grown fruit and vegies for quite a few weeks here in north ark.

my husband has been making some bird feeders out of some old barn wood from a job they tore down a few months ago. we have some old tin for the roofs - our wild birds usually eat better than we do come winter!

have a great time!

Almtnman said...

WB, some days my joints are so stiff, I sometimes think a big sip of Jack Daniels would limber them up some. Right now, I just pop a few Advil and keep on trucking.

Almtnman said...

nanc, we plan on building a few bird bluebird houses out of some of the weathered lumber. We have a lot of different variety of birds around the house here and I keep a hummingbird feeder on the back porch. We love to sit in the swing on the back porch and watch the hummingbirds come in for their food. Sometimes, they get to fighting each other over it though.

We planted some of those ornamental gourds a few years back and everybody that saw them wanted a few. I might need to plant some more, but maybe next year.

Ya'll have a good day!

Cheryl said...

I'm so darn jealous of your gardens, guys!! Love the idea for the bird feeders. Unfortunately, I have cats and will not be their pimp! Since they keep the rodent population in abeyance, I gladly forgo having the birds around.

Glad you passed your physical, Almtnman.

Anonymous said...

Old license plates are great for bird house roofs - bend them to fit!
Glad to hear you're doing OK Almtnman!

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