Sunday, July 29, 2007

Toughing it out during the night!

I watched a great movie on TV last night and went to bed after it was over. About 10 minutes after getting in bed, I had pains in my stomach that was excruciating. All I could think was either that glass of milk I had about 10 minutes before must have been stale or the BBQ I eat during the day was bad. I laid there and tried to go to sleep, but the pain wouldn't let me. A couple of times, I thought about driving myself to the emergency room to see what was happening but didn't. So I just toughed it out and finally about 5:30am managed to get to sleep after laying there all night. I got up about 8:30am and fed the animals and then went back to bed and stayed until almost 12 noon. The pain had subsided but I sure don't feel like a million bucks after losing sleep. I'm just gonna hang around the house and take it easy the rest of the day reading the Sunday paper and getting on this computer some. I must have had a case of food poisoning. One thing's for sure, whatever it was, it was extremely painful.


Anonymous said...

Sure hope you're feeling better as the day went on. I keep a bottle of Milk of Magnesia in the fridge this time of year - it helps coat the stomach and doesn't taste so bad when it's cold.
Take care,

Wild Bill said...

Thats how my bad gall bladder(stones) started out !!

But it probably aint too bad to have a little "down time" anyway.. I'm sure you deserve it, but not bein sick to have to get it..

Hope you are back up and your rowdy self again soon..

Almtnman said...

I spent most all day Sunday sort of taking it easy and napping after not much sleep. I had a very good night's sleep last night and got up this morning feeling much better. I had my morning coffee and some corn flakes and then headed to the garden. I picked a market basket of okra and 3 market baskets of tomatoes. The grass still has a lot of dew on it this morning so I'll have to wait a while before I can get the mower out and cut grass.

WB, I sure hope I don't have any of those gall bladder stones that you were talking about as I don't have time for any of that.

nanc said...

they say kidney stones will start this way.

however, a few months back zgirl and i ate some very bad chicken chow mein in the fast food carousel at the mall and got food poisoning - quite perhaps the very worst thing that ever happened to us, but some other things accompanied it...


nanc said...

p.s. - try this - it sounds absotively disgusting, but if it's stones of any kind, it's supposed to work:

over the course of TWO hours, drink an entire six-pack of coca-cola original - once done with that, blend a can or jar of asparagus or make it fresh - swill that down - the next time you urinate, if it is a milky white color, you will have had stones - for some strange reason, this mixture will melt the paint off a car and dissolve stones.

a friend and i were talking about it today - it's a miracle cure. hope i never have to use it.

Almtnman said...

nanc, I sure hope that wasn't the start of any stones. That concoction that you gave though sounds like it might burn the lining out my kidney's too! Don't know if I would want to take a chance on that. I'm thinking right now that big glass of milk might have been the culprit that I drank just before going to bed. I'm gonna monitor myself for any more signs and hope none shows back up again.

nanc said...

i'm 51 and became lactose intolerant about four years ago - milk and ice cream make me so sick that i try to avoid them at all costs.

Almtnman said...

I usually drink small glasses of milk and ice cream would be hard to give up. BTW, I added your link to my link section. Hope you didn't mind.

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