Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finally got some rain

We have finally managed to get some rain this way. The last couple of days, I have had some good rainfall. Got maybe a half inch yesterday and then today it rained twice. I guesstimated that with both the showers today we might have got an inch and half or maybe even two inches of rain. It sure helps the garden and I'm hoping some of the water in my pond is being replenished, but that might take a lot of rain as the pond is almost 5 foot low right now. I think that some of that Texas rain has finally creeped over this way and it's a relief for us and Texas.

We've been eating a lot of vegetables as the garden has really been supplying us with a lot of fresh produce. Got fresh vine ripe tomatoes, Blue Lake pole beans, Big Boy peas, okra, peppers, corn, squash, zucchini and a few new potatoes. That stuff sure is good, especially those fresh mater sammiches.

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Wild Bill said...

I havent even been able to get TO my garden for over a week now.. We have still had rain, and lots of it, the last few days, so you must have gotten your rain from somebody else.. We have a coupla days that are supposed to be, at least, less rainy, so gonna try to get to the garden maybe late today or else tomoro..

ALL the rivers around here are AT or ABOVE flood stage and they expect em to stay that way for the rest of July cause the lakes are runnin over the spillways and they have the flood gates open too..

But we aint run out of veggies here at the house yet.. I even used a bunch of the tamaters to make and can some salsa.. And we still have a big bag of beans in the crisperto cook yet and then I'll probably fire up the freezer again and start fillin it up.. When the sun comes back out those beans and okry and squash and tamaters are reallty gonna go to town !!

I'm ready for a break from out rain but I know the humidity is gonna be a killer when it does ..

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