Monday, August 13, 2007

Al-Qaida chatter warns of 'something spectacular

Israeli security agencies that monitor al-Qaida chatter are not aware of any credible threats indicating a radiological attack against New York or any other U.S. city. The sources said there has been some talk on al-Qaida forums that have proven reliable in the past of "something spectacular" against U.S. interests, but they said the analyzed chatter did not present a timetable or any specific threats and was missing indicators normally associated with credible threats. They said some of the intercepted chatter was conflicting.

The security officials were responding to a much-publicized warning on Friday by the Jerusalem-based DEBKAfile website citing Internet chatter suggesting al-Qaida would use trucks loaded with radioactive material or "dirty bombs" to attack New York. DEBKA also mentioned Los Angeles and Miami as possible targets for dirty bomb attacks.

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Wild Bill said...

The cockroaches have evacuated from the Al Q camps in Pakistan and crawled into the woodwork somewhere to hide till the attack is over and its safe to come out again.. I guess they dont wanna get caught all grouped-up when the retaliation comes..

Krazy Karl Rove seems to thank it real improtant to come back to Texas and be with his family now.. Reckon he knows somethin they aint tellin us ??

Almtnman said...

It seems strange that their camps in Pakistan has suddenly become where to be found and then there is some chatter on their forums about something spectacular happening.

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