Thursday, August 9, 2007

North American Union launching August 20?

This may explain why President Bush is pushing the amnesty agenda.

If you have been scratching your head trying to figure out why President Bush has pushed so hard for amnesty, here's your "smoking gun."

An effort is underway to create a North American "framework" that will all but eliminate hard borders between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. This "framework" includes a "trusted travelers" program that allows "citizens of North America" to move freely within the three countries.

No wonder the President is pushing amnesty!

On August 20-21, President Bush will join Mexican President Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Harper for the second Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit.

The SPP is what many believe to be the beginnings of the infrastructure for the North American Union. The SPP's stated goal is to:

"...Consolidate our action into a North American
framework to confront security and economic challenges,
and promote the full potential of our people, addressing
disparities and increasing opportunities for all."

This tri-lateral agreement already has resulted in regulatory changes and open borders initiatives that clearly undermine our sovereignty. The SPP is the one touting the "trusted travelers" program to encourage migration of "citizens of North America."


Cheryl said...

Jorge just does not have our nation's best interests at heart. Every day the news just gets worse and worse. Gee, do you think oil has anything to do with this?

Wonder what in the hell it's going to take to wake people up before we all have to learn to speak our new national language. I can swear in Spanish. Guess that's all I'm going to need to know!

Almtnman said...

I have never liked Bush's stance on immigration. It seems as if he wants to change this country into something that is entirely different than what it was started out as. Walk into any government office and you will see as many Spanish signs on the walls as there is English signs. Make a call to a company and you get two versions, English and Spanish. Buy something at Wally-World and use the self check out aisle and you have to push a button letting the computer know you want to do the transaction in English. This country has went downhill ever since Bush has been in office and headed farther downhill as we speak.

Just this morning I got a news flash on the radio about wanting people to be on the lookout for two Hispanic males driving a dark blue Toyota pickup truck along with part of their tag number. It seems as they were stopped early this morning and stabbed the police officer and then drove off. The officer was treated and released, but he said that he might have hit one of them with a round before they got away. I keep a 45 automatic sitting next to me while I'm out driving all the time. I don't plan on using it, but if it becomes necessary, I won't hesitate at all to pull the trigger.

Cheryl said...

Every time you turn around these illegals are perpetrating horrible crimes. If it's not illegals, it's ragheads. I hate sounding so racist but damn it all to hell our government is forcing us into low tolerance of these classes of people.

Bush has a lot of ties with Mexico, apparently. Feathering his own nest, as well as daddy's, it would appear.

I'm with you on your safety feature in your vehicle. I'm going to start doing the same but within my purse. I am scared to death to go to prison, so I'll really have to be in fear of my life should I use it. Think a judge and a jury will believe a law-abiding citizen? Yeah.

The Merry Widow said...

2 years ago, during the huge cleanup and rebuilding after the 2004 hurricanes, there was a stabbing of an illegal by 4 or 5 other illegals about 3 blocks from my house. Last year at the local high school, about a mile away, a girl was attacked in the bathroom by an illegal working construction. Fortunately she got away before the assault was really started, but he did try to run. Fortunately, the police and sheriffs dept. threw up a perimeter and the AF base sent helicopters and caught the creep!
It is VERY unsafe, when you consider that their culture is so abysmally worse, AND by entering illegally, they are already on the wrong side, so what do they have to lose?
Bush has been a vast disappointment...


nanc said...

i'm with you mtnman!

and to think these illegals turn around each month and pump billions of dollars back into the mexican "economy" and i use that term loosely.

bush has let the lot of u.s. down.

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