Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mexico accused of framing border agent

If this doesn't make you want to blow a gasket, nothing will. This is totally insane that our government is allowing this to happen.

Clearly the Bush Administration is playing toady to the Mexican Government in the rash of recent prosecutions of Border Patrol Agents and Deputy Sheriffs who are doing their jobs. Question: If we are going to arrest these agents every time they use their weapons, why do we issue them weapons all?

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dw said...

Does make me wanna blow a gasket. If Compaen and Ramos are not freed I will be convinced both partys are enemies to us whites and likeminded ethnics. Destroying the Marines is the same strategy. Can't openly destroy the Constitution so they work the little guys that actually man the fort.

Cheryl said...

I agree with you. I heard an interview with a former Border Patrol agent, who previously served in the Coast Guard. Total of 16 years service to our country. Trumped up charges, a few years in prison, and he now works for the parts department at a Harley Davidson dealership. He said the Border Patrol motto now is they do the crime, we do the time. Pretty damn sad and completely unacceptable. I agree with DW, our government is now our enemy.

I read the inside scoop on the two Marines involved with killing one Iraqi terrorist. They are being framed and hung to dry. As were the others who "confessed" to get lesser sentences.

It's time for the citizens to fight back. When, and if, it will happen is beyond me.

dw said...

'they do the crime, we do the time'
Holy Cow! When their morale is destroyed and the ranks need to be replenished what caliber of men and women will be hired to replace them.

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