Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot, dry and more hot and dry!

It’s been hot and dry here in my neck of the woods now for a couple of weeks. The high temperature for the last few days has been in the triple digits. Today the thermometer was showing 103 degrees and it’s been predicted to be at least 103 with one day this week will get to 104 degrees. The hot I can stand, but the dry is what’s making things worse. The area I live in shows the draught as being in the extreme range. There just hasn’t been much rain at all. The leaves on the trees are changing colors from lack of moisture and some trees have already died off from no moisture that the roots can pull out of the soil. Last week my air conditioning unit went on the blink and it took 3 days to get it back up and running as a new blower motor had to be ordered for it. We had to go outside in the heat to cool off as the house was like an oven.


I’ve been seeing a lot of snakes on the move looking for water, but that’s fairly common for them to do that when it gets as dry as it is now. I just hope I don’t step on one that I miss while walking as I’m sure they are agitated from lack of water. It looks like the Fall leaf colors won’t be too good in this area this year as it takes rain for the trees to put on a good leaf color. Without it, the leaves just turn brown, dry up and fall off.


The garden has finished all it can do as it is drying up and there’s no water to keep it going. We managed to get a fairly good harvest by pumping water out of the pond into irrigation lines on each row, but now the pond is about 7 to 8 feet low and I sure don’t want to pump anymore water out of it being that low. It’s not been that low since I lived here. Anyway, we have a lot of vegetables put up into the freezers and plenty of tomatoes canned, so we should be set for a couple of years on the garden food supply.


Send some rain this way!


Wild Bill said...

Sounds like you are havin bout the same weather we are havin..

But my tamaters are still goin strong and still bloomin and I replanted my white beans and they are gettin ready to bloom..

I finally had to start waterin the garden a week or so ago.. I've still got a lot of water in my well and it aint gone down much.. Yet..

They finally got to start cuttin hay here.. They have been busy as beavers too, tryin to get it put up and still maybe get a second cuttin.. I thought I might be able to sell mine but there is too much out there right now, but if it stays dry and dont thank they will get that second cuttin, well, they may change their mind about my hay..

I still aint seen ONE snake out at the farm this year.. I aint even heard the frogs raisin cain like they do when a snake catches em.. But when I least expect it I'll meet up with one !!

Cheryl said...

Out west we are in a drought. Same thing happening with our trees here. Only good thing is our summer has been unseasonably cool. By that I mean we haven't seen too many triple digit days. So far!

Almtnman said...

I have a maple tree out front that most all the leaves on it have already turned bright yellow. This same maple tree usually turns yellow and then to a bright red, but it usually does that around October.

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