Sunday, August 5, 2007

Explosives Found Near Goose Creek, SC; FBI on Scene

Goose Creek, SC - Highway 1-76 near Goose Creek is shut down as police investigate. Berkeley County Selective Enforcement Team members pulled over two men of Middle Eastern descent. Goose Creek, South Carolina, is home to the Naval Weapons Station, which houses the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig, a military prison where enemy combatants have been held.

The car was heading west, away from Goose Creek, when it was pulled over about 7 miles from the sprawling Navy facility, Lombard said.

The men 21-year-old Yousef Megahed and 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed were pulled over Saturday evening during a routine traffic stop near Myers Road and Highway 176. Among the explosive devices found were igniters and fusers. Few details about the suspects are known at this time. They are believed to be students at a Florida college. They are of Middle Eastern descent and are not US citizens. Neither man has been charged, but charges are expected Monday.

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Almtnman said...

Personally, I think they should be soaked in honey and molasses and staked down to a nice sized fire ant bed.

dw said...

Saw ya at R&R n thought I'd check ya out.

To me tolerating thiese 'sociopaths' is part of a picture painted in the 'sixties'.

The lack of outrage should alam us but;

Please allow me to be politically corret here. Certain groups (espacially the one's that are quick to point out that the oppressive majority is not indigenous to this land) seem to excell in what we call 'crime' and 'hate' and lack of understanding of our basic freedoms. Outrage at their lack of intellegence and understanding would only serve only to provoke us to actions that would support their racist fears and accusations against us. I cannot in good concious define 'them'. You either know, or are one of 'them'.

We must tolerate 'them' lest we become what' they' accuse 'us' of. That is 'theirs' and 'our' strategy that has been labeled 'PC'. Hey! At least it's a playing field that 'they' can survive on, cuz we really doan wanna jus kill them or drive them back to the shithole's they came from. Well maybe we do but' they' need to threaten the media first before we can be told it is ok to think that.

Jus playing here with bullshit that has been shoved down our throats by the MSM and Liberal academia.

I think that good ole' fashioned anthill philosophy and death in numbers is how our barbarian forefathers kept the savages at bay.

Almtnman said...

If my memory serves me correctly, I think General Blackjack Pershing lined a bunch of them up, had his men soak their bullets in pig's blood and shot all of them except one. The ones shot got pushed into a grave and covered with pig entrails. The one that was left was sent on his way to tell the rest of the terrorists what he had seen. There was not any more acts of terrorism form that group for the next 50 years.

Of course we don't have people around like Blackjack Pershing anymore, all we have now is a bunch of PC wimps.

Cheryl said...

I read the same story about Pershing. Also read a wonderful story about Thomas Jefferson and why he had that piece of shit book in his collection. Ironic that the raghead was sworn in with it.

I just read today the FBI said these ragheads were just putting together fireworks, not bombs, and are not known terrorists!! So all is well in that neck of the woods. Don't know about you guys, but I don't get the warm fuzzies with the FBI, Homeland Security and the other organizations that are supposed to protect American citizens on our soil.

Wild Bill said...

I'm gonna raise a little sand, Mountain Man, so I hope nothin I slang around stick to anythang here..

Ya'll seem to be surprised bout the "nothin to see here, move along" stance the Gubmint has taken on these events that have been publicised lately..

Let me take you back a few months to Boston.. Remember the goofy assholes that took the wired-boxes around and tied em to bridges and put em on busy downtown sidewalks ?? Remember how much hell the Gubmint got over the warnins and precautions they took ??

Now you want em to get all excited bout some "fireworks" ??

And how bout The Flyin Imams in Minnesota ?? Now they are suin everybody and their dog for gettin excited about em goin batshit crazy on an airplane ..

There are cases like this just about every week and whenever it happens you can count on some ACLU Wannabe hollerin DISCRIMINATION..

And like Don said, it started with all that "dont spank your kids" shit and has gone downhill since.. But people eat-up all this "nuance and PC" .. THEY LOVE IT !! It sounds SMART and PROGRESSIVE but dont have a leg to stand on as far as COMMON SENSE or PRACTICALITY goes..

People expect the Gubmint to protect em, but go to any length to stop the Gumnint from doin that..

Some folks are just naturally scared of snakes, and some have to get bit first.. How many harmless snakes you reckon have been killed just for the simple fact they were snakes ?? Now look up the statistics on Mooselimbs and snakes, and see which one caused the most deaths to humans the past few years, and then tell me when we get to start treatin Mooselimbs like we do snakes ..

Almtnman said...

These two have been charged for having pipe bombs and bail has been set. I picked up this info about them also.

Why hasn’t it been reported that these two “victims of racial profiling” were first pursued by the Charleston Naval Weapon Station Police?, they were noticed by the military police, in close proximity to 2 nuclear reactors that are used by the Navy for training, and this is just a coincidence?

Cheryl said...

Damn, WB and Almtnman, I thought I had heard it all. Never heard about the Boston matter nor did I hear that the jerks were charged with possession of pipe bombs or they were found on the naval base.

What on earth will it take, guys, to get those useless and traitorous idiots on the hill to do something about protecting this country? Isn't that really what their sole function - one of them -when the government was set up?

Should something happen here in the next day or two - I live in a town with an important air base and lots of Muslims in the Bay Area - it was nice corresponding with you and reading your entertaining blogs!!! (This is written sort of tongue in cheek!)

Steve Harkonnen said...

Personally, I think they should be soaked in honey and molasses and staked down to a nice sized fire ant bed.

That's inhuman! No, remove the three top layers of their skin and then dip them in salted vinegar.

Almtnman said...

Cheryl, I don't think that they were actually on the naval base, but very close to some nuclear reactors that the naval base uses for training purposes. I had found info by going to news sites in the Charleston area that had more coverage on it then did sites across country.

Now, according to what I found, they did have in their possession some pipe bombs which is a felony offense. I'm thinking that they're trying to use ignorance of the law to get out of it which no-one else can do. The organization CAIR is trying to make it sound like they were being profiled and doesn't have a track record of putting our security first.

Now, about the pip bombs also called IED's or correct term Improvised Explosive Device, that's what our troops are being killed with almost everyday in Iraq, IED's.

Something just doesn't look right, too many things here that don't fit the average person on the street.

Steve, that 's a good suggestion, I like it.

dw said...
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Cheryl said...

I don't know which organization I detest more - CAIR or the ACLU. Only in today's political climate could CAIR continue to operate here during a time of war.

I'm with you - explosives are explosives. I know all about IED's, unfortunately. I meet the kids who have been intimately involved with them as I visit at the Palo Alto VA Hospital. Horrible stuff and horrible injuries. PA is where they treat the traumatic brain injuries.

I am a female and soft-hearted. Yet I agree with the punishment you all would like to mete out. Even that is too lenient on the ba$tards.

dw said...

Hey it's your blog but if your gonna delete my comments I ain commin her. So ain we both content.

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