Monday, August 13, 2007

Guide to Gun Belts

Very interesting article about gun belts and why you need one.

Gun belts are one of the last thing that shooters and concealed carry permit holders think about when carrying a gun. Like the name says, this site is about gun belts and how to choose the best one for your needs. Buying a gun belt sounds like a pretty simple task, right? Sometimes it is, and then sometimes it isn't. There's quite a bit of info on the Net from folks selling gun belts, but not much information about gun belts themselves. With the sheer number of leather makers and holster companies selling gun belts, all that sales information can make it somewhat overwhelming when you start doing research about gun belts. Now, couple that with the fact that there have to be at least 50 different companies making or selling gun belts, and you can see why choosing a gun belt can be a difficult choice. Hopefully, will be able to help you with that choice. My goal is to provide you with good, solid info on gun belts and to answer questions and topics like:

*Do I really need a gun belt?
*The different types of gun belt materials and what works best for you
*Leather gun belts versus nylon gun belts
*What's the best width for a gun belt?
*How do I size for a gun belt?
*What's the best gun belt for the money?

We'll also be reviewing a number of gun belts that are currently offered by some of the more popular holster and gun belt makers in the industry. Along the way, I'll be making some recommendations about different gun belts based on personal experiences and user feedback from others.Hopefully, some of the information that is presented here will aid you when you start to narrow down your gun belt selections.

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